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Why should I use GoIDD for my calls and SMS when there are other communication applications out there that are for free?XX


  • Do I need WiFi or 3G / 4G data to make international calls?
    • No you do not need WiFi or 3G / 4G data. GoIDD has a Call-Through feature which works with your normal mobile cellular plan that automatically connects your long distance calls via a local access number in your country.
  • Do I need WiFi or 3G / 4G data to make international SMS?
    • Yes you will need WiFi or 3G / 4G data when sending out international SMS.
  • How does Call-Through work?
    • Call-Through utilizes your cellular service to call a local access number to route your call. It rings once and within 25 seconds, you will be connected to your intended number. The dialing screen will show the local access number and for iPhone, your intended number as well.
    • For iPhone, it is important that you are already logged in to have access to your app, otherwise you will be unable to use the Call-Through service when there in no Internet connection.
    • If you are roaming and would like to use Call-Through, you need to log into GoIDD.com and in your Profile change your country to the roaming country. This will switch the local access number to that country.
  • Does GoIDD work everywhere?
    • GoIDD works everywhere where you can receive WiFi or 3G / 4G data. For our Call-Through feature, it is available for the countries listed in our How It Works page. More countries will be added as we grow so check back with us regulary.
  • Which countries are available for international calls and SMS?
    • Please see our Rates chart which includes over 160+ countries.
  • What are FREE calls between GoIDD users?
    • GoIDD users can call other GoIDD users by dialing their GoIDD login ID for free through our mobile application over WiFi and 3G / 4G data. Free calls are governed under our Fair Usage Policy.


  • What is a Virtual Number?
    • A Virtual Number is essentially a local phone and fax number that you can rent indefinitely that is forwarded to your own contact number. You can call-forward the Virtual Number to almost any landline or mobile in any country. Please review our Virtual Numbers page for more information and benefits.
  • Why use Virtual Numbers?
    • A Virtual Number provides your friends, family, clients and others an easy and inexpensive way to call you. For businesses, it provides international prestige for your company. It can also be used as a fax number or when roaming. Please review our Virtual Numbers page for more information and benefits.
  • Can I get more than one Virtual Number for my account?
    • Yes. There is no limited to how many Virtual Numbers you can subscribe to.
  • Can I choose my own Virtual Number?
    • Currently, this service is unavailable.
  • I cannot receive calls through my Virtual Number?
    • For monthly plans, you will need to add credit to receive calls outside of the countries in these plans. So for example, if you are enrolled in the USA/Canada plan and you have a UK London Virtual Number, you need to add credit to recieve your calls. If this does not resolve the problem, Contact Us.


  • Can I review my account, and call & SMS logs online?
    • Yes, log into your account and you can view detail information of all your communications and payments, as well as updating information and adding new services.
  • What is the Premium Quality Calling Package?
    • The Premium Quality Calling Package is a service that switches you to the shortest and best connections to server routes which provide the best call quality compared to our standard calling rates. We highly recommend this service for businesses.
  • What is Multi-Ring?
    • Multi-Ring is a call-forwarding feature which allows you to set up the phone or fax numbers that you want your Virtual Number to consecutively ring to. You are allowed up to 3 phone numbers per each Virtual Number. Calls will ring for 20 seconds for each number. After 20 seconds on the last number, Voice2Email will activate. If your Virtual Number works as a fax, you should set it up as your 2nd call-forwarded number.
  • What is Voice2Email?
    • Voice2Email service takes your voicemail and emails it as a Wav file to your registered email address. This service is only available on your Virtual Number or GoIDD login ID number. Please check your spam box if you are not receiving them and add our email address to your contact list to assure future receipt. You can also access your voicemail by logging into your accounts on our website. Note that voicemails are only kept for 3 months.


  • What types of payment do you accept?
    • GoIDD accepts Paypal and credit cards by way of Paypal. More payment types coming soon.
  • What currencies do you accept as payment?
    • GoIDD accepts US dollars, Euros and Hong Kong dollars.
  • How are call minutes charged on my Service Plan and Virtual Number?
    • Calls are charged per minute increments whether you call out or, if you have a Virtual Number, someone calls in to that number. There are NO CONNECTION FEES. Note that minutes are calculated in US dollars even though you might be adding credit in Euros or Hong Kong dollars.
  • How are monthly plans billed?
    • Monthly plans are billed when your service is launched. This is your Billing Cycle Date. Re-occuring monthly billing are charged on your Billing Cycle Date. Please make sure you have credit avaiable in your Paypal account to avoid disruption of your service. Pay-As-U-Go is not a monthly billed plan; you just add credit as needed.
  • How are Virtual Numbers billed?
    • Virtual Numbers are billed separately from your monthly plan every month. Even though you might have more than one Virtual Number, each will also be billed separately every month. This makes accounting easier for eveyone when adding new and cancelling old Virtual Numbers. Re-occuring monthly billing are charged on your Billing Cycle Date. Please make sure you have credit avaiable in your Paypal account to avoid disruption of your service, and cancellation and loss of your Virtual Number.
  • How do I cancel my account/monthly plan/Virtual Number?
    • Email GoIDD in our Contact Us page 14 days before your Billing Cycle Date or subscription date notifying us the cancellation of your account. Please include your Account Number and User login ID with your correspondence. We will notify you within 48 business hours confirming the cancellation of your account. Unused credit is non-refundable.


  • Can I use GoIDD for my business?
    • Yes. You can use GoIDD for your small or home businesses. For business that require larger amounts of call minutes and SMS, please Contact Us.
  • How can I increase my call minutes and SMS on my plan more than what you currently offer?
    • The easiest way is to just add more credit on your account. Additional minutes and messages will be deducted from your credit amount after you have used up the minutes and SMS in your plan.


  • Will I hear advertisements when I call people?
    • No, we will not insert advertisements in your call. Our aim is to provide to you the same ease and convenience as if you were using your normal mobile dialer.
  • Can I use the GoIDD service on my personal computer?
    • The GoIDD service is targeted to people on the "Go" but that does not mean you cannot use it while in front of your computer. There are a number of free applications that will work with our service. Contact Us for more information.
  • Will you be supporting Blackberry and Symbian mobile phones?
    • We might be.
  • How do I report concerns about call quality and SMS delivery?
    • We urge you to Contact Us. Only by providing us with your experience can we help improve our service to you.
  • Does calls made through the GoIDD mobile app deduct minutes from my cellular plan?
    • No, it does not when using WiFi or 3G / 4G data. Only if you use our Call-Through feature does your call minutes get deducted from your cellular plan.
  • Why do you not offer "unlimited plans" like some of the other providers?
    • Most competing providers offer "unlimited plans" but if you read their terms or fair usage policy, it is not really unlimited. They use it as a marketing tactic. Based on our research, the average users do not use thousands of minutes per month. It is our belief that our plans provide enough minutes without retricting the customers' freedom to make calls whenever they want to (or wherever they want to).
  • My calls are not going through?
    • There could be a number of reasons why your calls are not going through. Are you using WiFi in an area where VOIP is blocked? Shut off your WiFi and swtich to 3G / 4G data. Are you using Call-Through? Wait up to 25-30 seconds to see if your call connects. Otherwise please Contact Us and let us know the number and country you are calling to so we can investigate.